Cedar Greenhouse

The greenhouse is made from cedar and glass. The windows are constructed in the traditional way with mullions and muntins. The “frame within a frame” method of construction uses more wood but allows for natural wood movement and also makes it possible to remove window frames or to even to dissemble the greenhouse completely. All horizontal sills are given a 5 degree slope to shed moisture. 8′ sidewalls and 12/12 pitch roof provide sufficient ceiling height to create a chimney effect that keeps the greenhouse air fresh. Good ventilation means that the greenhouse stays cool even in the very hottest summer months while the clear glass collects every bit of radiant heat during the shoulder months. Careful thought went into incorporating classical architectural features. Only highest quality screws, glue, and sealant used.


  • Footprint of 15′ x 12′
  • 8′ sidewalls
  • 12/12 pitch roof
  • 3/16″ and 1/4″ sidewall glass
  • 1/4″ tempered roof glass
  • 4 vents in the roof attached to automatic openers
  • 4 opening windows in sidewall
  • High quality GRK fasteners used throughout
  • Cables suspended from ceiling for attaching trellis

Greenhouse is virtually indestructible. It went through a vicious hailstorm west of Innisfail that cracked windows and windshields (on both of my vehicles), cracked siding, and destroyed shingles on houses in the area, but the greenhouse was untouched. This is because the 1/4″ glass is fitted to a wooden frame that absorbs the shock. Another advantage of wood is that it does not conduct cold into the greenhouse.